Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reducing Recidivism

One of our goals here at the New Mexico Corrections Department is to reduce recidivism. We want to keep offenders from coming back to prison. This is a team effort and it cannot happen without the hard work of everyone.

Our goal is to provide incarcerated individuals with the tools needed to become responsible members of the family, workforce, and community upon release. One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing offenders with programming. The types of programming we provide are cognitive, family reunification, post-secondary, reentry, and vocational.

The vocational programs provide inmates with an opportunity to learn skills they can use to find employment when they get out of prison. Currently these programs include:




Equine Rescue

Microsoft Office Proficiency




Advanced Computer technologies


Advanced Computer Technologies



Wind Energy

Building Trades-Cabinetry


The average New Mexico inmate has less than a high school education. All of these programs offer the participants the ability to learn job skills that will assist them during their re-entry into the community.


NMCD is committed to making New Mexico a safer place providing inmates with the necessary to transition out of prison is a step towards this.

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