Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Inmate Clubs

NMCD is committed to helping establish inmate self-help groups also known as inmate clubs. These clubs must support family bonding, life skill development, moral development, and/ or successful re-entry after release. These clubs reduce inmate idleness and they provide offenders an avenue to develop skills that can prevent them from returning to prison when they get out.

The inmate clubs are required to donate 15% of their profit from fundraisers and due collections once a quarter. 10% of the profit is donated to an outside good will organization of the group’s choice.  5% of the profit is donated to a Creative Corrections Education Fund.  This money goes directly to the children of New Mexico Inmates and former inmates whose children are attending college.

Recently two Inmate Clubs have supported their community with donations.  Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility Community Youth Awareness Inmate Club donated backpacks with school supplies and diapers to the children of Jardin De Los Ninos. 
Also at southern the PAWS club raised money to purchase backpacks and supplies including notebooks, loose leaf paper, pencils, markers, erasers, glue sticks, scissors and a water bottle for students at 3 different elementary schools in Las Cruces.

 These are just two of many examples of inmates giving back and making a difference.

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