Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Almost every week a probationer or parolee decides to break the conditions of their release and stop checking in. When this happens our Security Threat Intelligence Unit is tasked with tracking them down. Currently there are 1,703 absconders in the state of New Mexico.
With the joint efforts of STIU and other New Mexico Law Enforcement agencies, so far this year alone 2,210 absconders have been arrested.
Our job at NMCD is to help offenders transition back into the community on parole and guide them through their probation to keep them from committing new crimes. As part of our public safety mission we have a duty to protect the public and this means finding absconders.
You can help us. Many of these absconders are in and around your neighborhood. Take a look at our most recent Most Wanted and DWI Most Wanted posters to see if you recognize anyone. We are stronger when we are working together to keep New Mexico safe.

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