Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Class #333

Currently class #333 has 36 cadets going through the Training Academy who are working hard to become Probation/Parole and Correctional Officer’s.

What they are trying to do isn’t easy. Every day our PPO’s and CO’s go to work in what can be dangerous and hostile environments. They have to constantly stay on their toes and think quickly.  These types of things contribute the vacancy rate.

 Our vacancy rates at each of the facilities are as followed:





SCC- 49%

RCC- 45%

Due to these vacancies our rookies will go into a job that requires mandatory overtime.  They know the challenges of the job and still they are committed. Good luck to the cadets as they continue on their journey.
Please take some time to thank the PPO’s and CO’s around you for being committed to the public safety of New Mexico.

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  1. You should let all the retired corrections be allowed to return to work !!