Friday, March 4, 2016

National Employee Appreciation Day

Every year, March 4th is set aside as National Employee Appreciation Day. It exists to give folks like me a reminder to pause and reflect on the value and importance of the folks I serve…to appreciate the personal privilege of walking along side of some pretty remarkable men and women. But this year, because I truly appreciate the priority you’ve shown our staff, even in the face of some pretty difficult economic conditions, I wanted to also thank you each as lawmakers and community members, as well.  I want to thank you for allowing me to serve!  It is one of my greatest privileges because I serve a worthy cause and some very noble people, to include you.

 For the correctional professionals that together, we have spent the last year talking about, more than ever, thank you for acknowledging their value and role for the safety and security of New Mexico’s neighborhoods. Regardless of their position description, job assignment, or specific work location, every day, when the exceptional men and women of the NMCD arrive at a facility or office somewhere in our state, they do so prepared to devote your time and talent toward something larger than themselves. Every project they work on, every housing unit or neighborhood they walk in their efforts to protect us, every decision they make, and every interaction they have…they do so with an underlying motivation to serve our public safety and well-being as a State. And regardless of whether what they do each day is as obvious as other functions within our criminal justice system or not, it is that simple motivation they possess that makes them exceptional! They do so everyday with far less recognition than their other public safety counterparts. Their servant hearts and work is what makes them each “appreciable!”! They make this day important!

Because what they do brokers hope for an otherwise difficult world…because they stand willing to invest themselves in those others the rest of the world has the luxury of discarding, I am grateful for the support and priority that the Governor and you each have given them this year.  Even though the fiscal limitations may have left us short of our ultimate needs, please know that because of your support, they will become that much more able to more consciously elevate the hope necessary for their correctional responsibilities, even in the face of great dangers and negativity they must confront daily.  And that’s a blessing because their mission and work essentially belongs to us all.  Please know that for as long as I’m in this position to serve you and them, it will remain a remarkable privilege to do whatever I can do to not only be a part of, but tell their story.  Thank you for listening!

So God bless you each! Thank you for all you do! Semper fidelis! 


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