Tuesday, August 4, 2015


August 1st was DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs.  It is a good time to highlight all of our dog programs across the state that help shelter dogs.

At the NMWCF there is Heeling Hearts. This program pairs incarcerated women and rescue dogs taking them through a therapeutic and skills training program.

Over at SNMCF there is the PAWS program. PAWS provides education and life skills for both inmates and dogs.

In Hobbs at LCCF they have the Second Chance Pups. They work with the city of Hobbs Animal Adoption center to enhance the skills of inmates and get dogs adopted into life long homes.

Not only are these programs teaching inmates skills that they can use to find a job, they are teaching them compassion. They are learning how to be self-less instead of selfish. They have to be passionate and kind to their animal in order to teach it. These type of programs give them a chance to give back.

Sometimes all we need is a second chance to make a difference.

Check out our P.A.W.S. video on YouTube!

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