Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Employee of the Quarter

Every day the staff of the New Mexico Corrections Department come to work and get the job done. They do so without expecting any praise. They do so because we are one team one mission and that mission is to reduce recidivism by 10% in three years. Employee of the Quarter is a way to acknowledge the people who not only do their job, but who go above and beyond.

This quarter it was important for us to not only celebrate the employees who did win, but to acknowledge those who were nominated because that is an accomplishment in and of itself.
Trish Gallegos and Deputy Secretary Booker
 Trish Gallegos was nominated for her wonderful work as a Paralegal. She has continuously shown dedication to her job. She manages the Office of General Counsel.
Paul Trujillo and Deputy Secretary Booker
Paul Trujillo was nominated for his excellent work as a Budget Analyst. He is always willing to help others out. He has a positive attitude that is noticed by all those around him.
Sonia Suazo and Deputy Secretary Booker
Sonia Suazo was nominated for her exemplary work as the Agriculture and Horticulture Specialist for Corrections Industries. She has been with the department for a short time, yet has made a huge impact. She is dedicated to inmate programming and is making a difference.

Kevin Stack was nominated for his great work in the Information Technology Division. He was unable to be at the meeting because he was manning the phones. that itself shows the dedication he has to his work.

Michelle Bowdon and Deputy Secretary Booker
Michelle Bowdon received Employee of the Quarter for her hard work and dedication as the Deputy General Counsel.She is doing two jobs in one at the moment and does them both without a complaint. She is an asset to the department. We are so thankful for her effort.
Richard Martinez and Deputy Secretary Booker
Richard Martinez received Employee of the Quarter for his commitment to his work as the Health and Safety Manager. his  vast knowledge and experience has made him a vital member to the department.

Every single person in the Corrections Department is an important member of the team. Thank you all for everything that you do!

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