Monday, June 1, 2015

Absconder Round-Up




Media Outlets Sent-State Wide
Reference: Absconder Round-Up

Date of Release: June 1, 2015

 Details: The New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) along with officers from the New Mexico State Police, Santa Fe Police, Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, Rio Arriba Sheriff’s office and the Narcotics Task Force, conducted a routine operation across northern New Mexico to target offenders who have absconded from probation or parole.
The operation took place Friday May 29th and Saturday May 30th and resulted in the arrests of twenty (20) absconders.

“Our job is to help offenders either transition back into the community on parole or guide them through probation to keep them from committing new crimes. But our number one focus is protecting the public and if you abscond, we have a duty to find you as part of our public safety mission,” Deputy Secretary of Operations Joe Booker said.

The NMCD is grateful to our partners in law enforcement for assisting in this operation. All offenders will have to face a judge or the parole board to determine if they will spend the rest of their supervision in jail or prison.

 Here is a list of the absconders arrested:

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