Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reducing Segregation

One of our goals at NMCD has been to reduce segregation. It is important because 96% of inmates in our custody will return to your communities, and we want them coming back better than they left.
This is a Level VI Cell

It is important for us to continue to develop and improve our segregation policies. One area where we have made strides is in our release unit. Formed in the last year, this unit takes offenders who will release soon but are too violent or cannot be in general population, and moves them to a specialized unit where they interact with other inmates, take programming, and learn skills they will need to re-enter society.

For offenders still in segregation we have increased programming and opportunities for them as well. The department has a goal to reduce the use of segregation to 5% by next. Year that's more than half from where we started a few years ago.

This is just another piece of the public safety puzzle.