Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Opening Day

WOW! It's been a year since we launched our blog! That means it's time again for the legislative session. Many of you will remember our blog last year that addressed some basic facts about the department.

(Missed it? Click here)

We have made some significant changes since that blog, for example, our segregation levels are now hovering around 8%, and trending downward toward our goal of 5%!

We also have mandated every inmate work toward receiving their GED if they do not have one. Did you know 51% of offenders come to prison without a high school diploma or GED? Where we see the greatest number of inmates in adult basic education at an elementary level. Taking an inmate from let's say a 3rd grade level to a 6th grade level is even a huge accomplishment. Now they can fill out applications, be able to understand and comprehend signing up for basic services, and have a better chance for success. We will continue though to push for them to receive their GED, no matter what level they start at!

We are so excited to have our new Recidivism Reduction Bureau Chief, Micaela Cardena, spearheading changes to help reduce our recidivism rate, currently 46%, by 10% in the next three years. Its a commitment that our Adult Prisons and Probation and Parole divisions have signed on to as well as Corrections Industries.

Speaking of CI, holy cow are they doing cool things! We don't want to give our upcoming blogs away but let's just say you will want to be sure and read the upcoming cake decorating piece!

Okay, enough for now! Have a great first day!