Friday, January 23, 2015

Bake Me a Cake...

On December 6, six level VI inmates started the first cake decorating class at PNM! We know that's a lot of 6's... but we aren't going there :)  So far they have completed 4 weeks of classes, rolled a lot of fondant and may or may have not sneaked a lot of tasting samples of the icing!

The purpose of the cake decorating class is to show the inmates patience. It takes time to decorate a cake and you have to have a good temperament because things can go wrong.  It is also a great opportunity for them to learn a skill that they can use when they get out of prison.

 All of the inmates in this program have previously graduated from our Roots for Success class! Don't know what that is, check out our blog from the other day. 

The inmates will now use these skills to provide for others. Inmates who have a child visiting on a special occasion, let's say that kids birthday, will now be able to order a special cake to surprise that little one!

In everything we do, we try to each the offenders of supporting others, and providing cakes to connect families is a great way to do that! This is also a chance for some of the men in our highest custody level to get to see how their actions, good or bad, affect others.