Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Graduation and Going Green

Do you remember what it felt like to put on your cap and gown, stroll down the aisle as they called your name, be handed that diploma and finally move your tassel from one side to the other? Most of our inmates have never felt that; in fact more than half didn't finish high school. One of those being Alvin Mariano. But recently, he felt for the first time the sense of accomplishment that graduation give you!

Alvin and five other high security inmates from Level VI were the first in our Roots for Success class!

(Take a quick look at a video we did right after the class started)

These inmates were humanely restrained in security chairs so they could not get to one another, but could work together on assignments. The BIG SURPRISE, the cuffs and shackles were taken off yesterday during graduation! You wont want to miss Alvin's reaction, it's the first time in four years he has been uncuffed outside of his cell.