Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inmates and Equines

The Equine Rescue program at the Springer Correctional Center pairs honorably discharged veterans with abused and abandoned horses that have been seized by the livestock board. This program teaches the inmates patience and gives them skills that will help them make the transition out of prison. It also allows the horses to heal and learn to trust again in a loving and safe environment.

We were able to spend some time with the inmates and horses. Check it out!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Statewide Lockdown Ensures Safety


Media Outlets Sent – Statewide Media Release                                              

Reference: New Mexico Corrections Department statewide lockdown ensures prison safety

Date of Release: October 20, 2014


Details: New Mexico Corrections Department Secretary Gregg Marcantel has ordered a statewide lockdown of all eleven (11) prison facilities as part of a periodic review to ensure safety and security.


During this time, officers and staff will review procedures, search and clear every housing unit, cell and inmate, and take account of the current condition of the facilities. Operations like this are vital to not only ensuring the safety of our staff and other inmates, but also promote the pro-social prison environments necessary for reducing recidivism.  Inmates found in possession of contraband will face disciplinary action.


"In our business it's necessary to consider failure and the worst possible circumstances on a regular basis.  The real secret for succeeding in these unforgiving prison environments is deliberate and intentional preparation.  That's why we have to pause periodically and take a good look at ourselves" Secretary Marcantel said.

This statewide operation does not have an end date and will be lifted as each facility confirms all aspects of the operation have been carried out. During this time, all visits will be cancelled until lockdown is lifted.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Holy Hobby Craft Sales Batman!

WOW!!! We had an amazing first Hobby Craft Fair!!! More than 400 people, 10 facilities, and 20 inmates later, the total tally is.....drum roll please.... $17,369.30!!!

Can you believe it!

A portion of that money will go directly to victims, offender's children and into programming to help other offenders obtain transferable skills. The rest goes back to that offender to reinvest into their business.



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help!!!! Dog supplies needed!

Help out a furry friend! Our Region III Probation and Parole office has been working hard with SNMCF to create a dog program that benefits the community and helps inmates. Now we need your help!!!

The program is going to let inmates take care of and train shelter dogs from the Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley. This will get these pups a temporary home, increase their adoption chances and help our inmates learn dog training skills and how to take care of a pet that depends on their attention.
So how can you help??? WE NEED ITEMS TO START THE PROGRAM! Please donate blankets, dog crates, food bowls, doggy poop bags, treats, leashes, etc. The dog food is already being taken care of, but if you could help with these other items it would be AMAZING!

We CANNOT accept cash, so run to your local store and purchase items listed above! Heck, we would be thrilled to have your gently used items too!!! Then drop off your donations at the Las Cruces PPD office at 2635 West Picacho or at SNMCF at 1983 Joe R. Silva Boulevard
We want paws roaming our halls November 1st, so please donate today!