Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Correctional Officers Deserve Thanks More Than Once a Year

Did you know last week was Correctional Officer's week? President Regan dedicated the week to officers who walk our prison lines 30 years ago.
Our officers spent the week having fun events like the RCC 5K, cookouts like the PNM warden's 4:30am breakfast burrito fiesta and even a Saturday softball game here at the Pen. But really, Correctional Officer's week was spent telling the men and women who protect our safety, how appreciated they are! Sadly, it's not something they hear everyday.
So, if we could make one request, please keep saying thank you, good job and I appreciate you to our officers if you see them filling up with gas after a 12 hour shift, pushing their cart full of groceries and little ones at the supermarket, or keeping fit at the gym. They deserve these kind words and we know that a simple "thank you" will go along way!
We have 11 prisons across the state and dedicated officers working each day inside those halls. Feel free to write a card, give them a shout-out on social media or just send up some prayers and thoughts for their safety whenever you think of them!