Monday, February 10, 2014

STIU Hot on Absconder's Trails!

It doesn't matter if it's talking on your cell phone during a movie, blowing through a stop sign or taking two cookies when the sign says "Take One", there are always going to be people who don't follow the rules. In our business, offenders who don't want to follow the rules are much more serious than the examples above.
Almost every week a probationer or parolee decides to break the conditions of their release and stop checking in. These absconders may think they are going to be left along, but they are WRONG! Our Security Threat Intelligence Unit (STIU) will be hot on their trail.
Our STIU investigators have been tasked with taking absconders back into custody, and so far this year alone, they have arrested more than 100 absconders!

We know that when an offender stops reporting, as Secretary Gregg Marcantel likes to say, "It's not because they ran off to join the Peace Corps." Holding offenders accountable for their actions is crucial in making them responsible for their decisions in life. We are committed to doing what's right for our community and ensuring public safety.