Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Offenders Clean the Streets with Downtown Action Team

Most probationers and parolees have been sentenced to community service as a way to pay back their debt to society. In some cases, an offender may have hundreds of hours they need to complete.

Our officers stood up and took notice when they heard the Albuquerque Downtown Action Team (DAT) had lost funding and would not have as many ambassadors working to clean-up that area of town. Creative minds came together from both sides and now our offenders are picking up trash, sweeping cigarette butts and scrubbing graffiti in the downtown area as part of their community service requirements.

So how much man power could we possibly be providing? So glad you asked!!! In the first month alone, our offenders had contributed more than 800 hours of work!!!  That's like doubling the staff DAT had, for free!!

This project is going so well that the City of Albuquerque has now jumped on board and our offenders have just started serving their community service hours in city parks and streets! WAY TO GO!!!