Saturday, February 1, 2014

Focusing on Our Female Population

Did you know women are the highest growing population group in prison? They are also some of the hardest inmates to place when it’s time to leave because there are simply not enough resources. Because of our commitment to doing what’s right, the New Mexico Corrections Department is in talks with other providers to create a women’s halfway house state run program.

We believe we have identified state owned buildings currently not in use that can be outfitted to accommodate a halfway home environment. Our goal is to have a dozen women placed at such a facility by this fall.

We must remember that treatment, programming and even classification of inmates has to be gender specific. We are working to provide women in our prisons more opportunities and help them succeed when they leave us. It’s a fact that women commit crimes for very different reasons then men do, they require treatment and counseling in a different way and even interact differently. We believe to reduce recidivism, targeting women for gender specific programs and treatment will increase their success when they return to our neighborhoods.