Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Corrections Academy, First in the Country

If you've been following our blog (which you should be!) then you already know that the New Mexico Corrections Department's Academy was the first accredited corrections academy in the nation!

Today, our academies run nearly non-stop, training the finest men and women New Mexico has to offer to work the toughest beats in the state.

Not only does our academy focus on restraint techniques and policies, but we also teach up and coming officers about crisis intervention and provide empathy training to ensure officers listen to offenders and respond appropriately.

Secretary Gregg Marcantel likes to say, "We are just the keep of the keys." At the same time, a good corrections or probation or parole officer is one who listens, who responds and when they can, helps an offender succeed. In a perfect world, offenders who leave us will never return. We know that won't always happen, but it's the men and women of the department who should be credited when it does.