Thursday, January 30, 2014

Offender Hobby Craft

Did you know that many inmates in our prisons are great artist? Now you have a chance to buy some of their work. (If you would like to know about the program please see our January 23rd post about the Old Main Revitalization Project).

Sales of inmate art will start in May at the Old Main. A portion of the proceeds will go to the offender's children (if they have any), victim's organizations, and back into other programs for inmates. This income can help take the burden of taxpayers to pay for inmate programming.

NMCD Deputy Secretary Joe Booker speaks to an Angola Inmate in the Hobby Craft Shop.

Take Ray Buck, a painter,  who while serving time has worked at our facilities painting amazing scenes with just a ruler, some tape, paint, a brush and his imagination. Take a look at some of Ray's recent work.

 Inmates like Ray will be able to make their art and sell it to the public. This will establish them as a known artist and help them start their own business when they leave here. The business plan they will need to be part of the program will help put them on a fast track to beginning their own business when they leave prison.

We are excited to announce a Hobby Craft Fair in October that will feature art and specialty pieces by offenders from all over the state. Interested getting tickets for the fair? We will be posting more information this spring on our website: