Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Inmate Clubs

NMCD is committed to helping establish inmate self-help groups also known as inmate clubs. These clubs must support family bonding, life skill development, moral development, and/ or successful re-entry after release. These clubs reduce inmate idleness and they provide offenders an avenue to develop skills that can prevent them from returning to prison when they get out.

The inmate clubs are required to donate 15% of their profit from fundraisers and due collections once a quarter. 10% of the profit is donated to an outside good will organization of the group’s choice.  5% of the profit is donated to a Creative Corrections Education Fund.  This money goes directly to the children of New Mexico Inmates and former inmates whose children are attending college.

Recently two Inmate Clubs have supported their community with donations.  Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility Community Youth Awareness Inmate Club donated backpacks with school supplies and diapers to the children of Jardin De Los Ninos. 
Also at southern the PAWS club raised money to purchase backpacks and supplies including notebooks, loose leaf paper, pencils, markers, erasers, glue sticks, scissors and a water bottle for students at 3 different elementary schools in Las Cruces.

 These are just two of many examples of inmates giving back and making a difference.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Interview with Nina Salcido

Nina Salcido is a Unit Manager at Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility who has been with the New Mexico Corrections Department for 20 years. She started out as a Secretary and continued to advance within the department becoming a Records Clerk, Records Manager, Classification Officer, Records Coordinator and now a Unit Manager.

How has corrections shaped you into the person you are today?

 I would not be the person I am today without all the work, life lessons, situations and experiences I have had in the last 20 years. I know that I have grown into someone that I am proud to be as I hold my work ethic as something important and defines me. I am confident, and have been able to experience different life aspects from the inmates to employees I have worked with.  I am ambitious, as I want to continue my growth as a person and employee within the Department of Corrections. Lastly, I have matured, this was not what I anticipated as a career, but I have developed and continue to develop to help people, by being  fair, consistent, and professional.

Who has influenced you the most?

Two, people have influenced me along the way: Mrs. Joni Brown, Deputy Director of Adult Prisons, who has passed away. She was influential in how I wanted to be a Supervisor, and be able to continue in her professionalism as she had shown me and continued to do within her career.  Mrs. Maria Martinez, HR (retired), she was a good friend and co-worker as she taught me a lot about myself, how to stick up for myself, and that if you are truthful and follow policy you can never go wrong!

What is the best advice you can give someone starting out a career in corrections?

It was told to me when I began that in Corrections there is always an opportunity for advancement; this is true there is constant movement and advancement within the department. You can learn job skills, life skills, so you can continue to promote within the department or outside.  Research prior to be sure this is an environment you want to be a part of, because it takes certain individuals to apply, work and retire from corrections.

What do you see as upcoming trends in corrections?

Lately, the department as made major changes to assist in life skills, programming, classification and recidivism with the department. This has been a culture change for staff and inmates. The Department has been implementing email and computers to assist when they are released back to society. Also, there has been a new trend in the age and education as per the persons applying and attending the academy. They have been good changes, but it all takes time to show the long term results and that is what we are looking forward to.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Once again our employees across the state are making a difference in their communities.

For the last several years the Region I employee club started selling T-shirts to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation and others in need.

The Employee Club at the Penitentiary of New Mexico is also selling T-shirts to raise money for a good cause. All funds will go to the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico, located in Santa Fe.
This is another example of how our employees demonstrate Courage, responsibility, ethics and dedication not only in the workplace but outside of it as well.
We are lucky at NMCD to have people who care about other people and giving back.

Monday, September 26, 2016


All eleven of our prisons are PREA compliant! This is a big deal and we are so proud of each and every person that worked hard to make this happen! Because of the compliance a few weeks ago Governor Martinez came out to present Certificates of Excellence to the Wardens and PREA Coordinators.

 For those of you who don’t know, PREA is the Prison Rape Elimination Act and it was passed in 2003. The purpose of the Act is to eliminate sexual assault and staff sexual abuse in prisons, jails, police lockups, private prisons, juvenile facilities and community confinement facilities.

The New Mexico Department of Corrections has a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment. We strive to eliminate these at all the Adult Prison Facilities across New Mexico. We are committed to ensuring safer prisons.


We strive to not only meet these standards but exceed them.



Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Almost every week a probationer or parolee decides to break the conditions of their release and stop checking in. When this happens our Security Threat Intelligence Unit is tasked with tracking them down. Currently there are 1,703 absconders in the state of New Mexico.
With the joint efforts of STIU and other New Mexico Law Enforcement agencies, so far this year alone 2,210 absconders have been arrested.
Our job at NMCD is to help offenders transition back into the community on parole and guide them through their probation to keep them from committing new crimes. As part of our public safety mission we have a duty to protect the public and this means finding absconders.
You can help us. Many of these absconders are in and around your neighborhood. Take a look at our most recent Most Wanted and DWI Most Wanted posters to see if you recognize anyone. We are stronger when we are working together to keep New Mexico safe.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Class #333

Currently class #333 has 36 cadets going through the Training Academy who are working hard to become Probation/Parole and Correctional Officer’s.

What they are trying to do isn’t easy. Every day our PPO’s and CO’s go to work in what can be dangerous and hostile environments. They have to constantly stay on their toes and think quickly.  These types of things contribute the vacancy rate.

 Our vacancy rates at each of the facilities are as followed:





SCC- 49%

RCC- 45%

Due to these vacancies our rookies will go into a job that requires mandatory overtime.  They know the challenges of the job and still they are committed. Good luck to the cadets as they continue on their journey.
Please take some time to thank the PPO’s and CO’s around you for being committed to the public safety of New Mexico.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Mexico Corrections Department Job Fair

With the closing of Cibola County Correctional Center in Milan, New Mexico, the New Mexico Corrections Department hopes to hire many of the staff who are without jobs.

NMCD is hosting a job fair in Grants at the National Guard Armory Thursday and Friday from 9-4.  We will have many of our divisions there and we will be hiring Correctional Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, Administrative positions, Food Service, and Medical staff.

Date: August 25th & 26th

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Location: Grants, NM National Guard Armory
2001 E Santa Fe Ave, Grants, NM 87020

NMCD is excited to offer this opportunity to join our family of correctional professionals. This event is a rapid hire process so we are hopeful that people can come in the morning and leave with a guaranteed job by the afternoon.
If interested please bring the following documents:
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid driver’s license
  • High school diploma
  • Social security card